The Nature Boys Story

Hi, I’m Derrick and I consider myself one of the luckiest guys I know!

From the time I was just a little boy, I knew exactly what I wanted to be when I grew up. My friends all wanted to be firefighters, police officers, astronauts or the starting center fielder for the Orioles, but not me—I wanted to be a landscaper.

I first got a glimpse of my destiny when I wanted to earn money for a new bike. It was summer and  I was lucky enough to get hired by a landscaper in Greencastle, PA. When I look back on things, I really think I got the job because I was willing to do any task that crew threw at me. I fell in love that summer, and haven’t looked back since!

By 1996, at the ripe old age of seventeen, I convinced my brother to go into business with me and we created our own landscaping company. Nature Boys was born consisting of just the two of us, a couple of well-used lawn mowers and a raggedy pick-up truck. Pretty humble beginnings when I look back on it now. Today, Nature Boys is a thriving business that helps homeowners and commercial properties year round look their best! The crew and I specialize in patio construction, customized landscape installations and still get a thrill out of simply cutting grass.

Now, I’m an ICPI Certified Installer, which means I’m approved by the North American Trade Association to perform interlocking concrete paving work. I don’t like blowing my own horn at all, but this is a pretty big deal as it also incorporates a whole bunch of knowledge; proper material and labor estimating, understanding of soil classification and compaction as well as bedding and joint sand selection and installation. Basically, what I’ve learned from the ICPI has helped me become a specialist in the landscaping industry, and that is pretty cool!

I’ve always believed in offering the best landscaping services, regardless of scope, at the most affordable price, making certain that every one of my clients are 100% satisfied. This personal philosophy has served Nature Boys well, as we’re now approaching nearly 20 years in helping local businesses and residents truly enjoy the exterior of their homes and properties.

Nature Boys has been creating decorative patios, walkways & retaining walls as well as manicuring lawns in the Boonsboro and surrounding areas for quite some time, and we take our reputation seriously.  I’m never satisfied until you’re thrilled with the results. If it weren’t for you, our valued customers, I wouldn’t be able to fulfill my daily passion of being a landscaper. Thank you for making a little boy’s dream a reality.

Employee Profiles

I feel it’s important that you have an opportunity to meet the Nature Boys team! You’ll be hard pressed to find a more dedicated, experienced group of individuals to take care of your landscaping project.