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Lawn Maintenance for Retired Homeowners

Q: Hi Derrick,

My family and I recently moved to Ohio for a new business opportunity, and I must admit it was a difficult decision leaving my 77 year old father behind in Hagerstown. I just hate the idea of him mowing the yard in the summer heat and raking leaves in the fall. Do you offer any type of service to just stop by and handle this basic yard work?

Mark D.

A: Congratulations on the new job, Mark! I can see where you’re a bit concerned leaving your father to tend to the yard while you’re several hours away, and of course it’s impractical for you to return to take care of things every week or so. To answer your question, yes, we certainly do offer very reasonable rates to perform ongoing lawn maintenance. In fact, we’ve discovered more and more retired homeowners are using our services due to the fact they are no longer comfortable performing yard work. If you’d like to learn more about this service, please call me at 301.733.0200 or privately email your father’s address and I will stop by to take a look at the yard in order to give you an accurate price and a suggested schedule.